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THCa Granddaddy Purple Indoor

THCa Granddaddy Purple Indoor

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80/20 Indica

The Granddaddy Purple strain, also known as GDP, is an iconic and highly esteemed cannabis variety that has become a staple in the world of indica-dominant strains. With its stunning appearance, delightful grape gas-like aroma, and powerful effects, Granddaddy Purple has garnered a dedicated following among cannabis enthusiasts.One of the first things that captures attention is the striking appearance of Granddaddy Purple's dense buds. They showcase vibrant shades of deep purple, accented by hues of green. The effects of Granddaddy Purple are predominantly indica in nature, offering a profoundly relaxing and calming experience. As the high takes hold, users often experience a deep sense of physical relaxation that can be described as a gentle and soothing embrace. Tension and stress melt away, leaving the body in a state of blissful tranquility. Simultaneously, Granddaddy Purple induces a strong sense of euphoria and mental relaxation. The strain has a reputation for providing a potent and long-lasting high that uplifts the mood, evoking feelings of happiness and contentment. Some users may also experience a boost in creativity and introspection, making it a popular choice for those seeking a meditative or reflective experience.

Terpenes - 1.849%THCVA - 0.167% | D9 - THC - 0.279% | THCA - 23.291% | CBGA - 1.922% | CBCA - 0.363% | TOTAL Cannabinoids - 26.107%

Disclaimer: * WARNING * HIGH THCA HEMP FLOWER IS FOR EXPERIENCED CANNABIS USERS * LIMITED SUPPLY SMALL BATCH * You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

If you are sensitive to THC, please do not purchase this product, use with caution! Please be responsible with this product and consume in the comfort of your home. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using this product. This product is best used when mixed with CBD for a full on entourage effect and is very powerful. Please check your state and local laws before purchasing high THCa hemp flower. Buds range in size from large to small and are slowly cold cured for the perfect cure and moisture content. This product contains industrial (Lab Tested) hemp (Hemp Flower) that was grown pursuant to state and federal law (Containing not more than 0.3% delta-9 THC on a dry weight basis) by licensed farmers in accordance with the industrial Hemp provisions of the Agricultural Act of 2014 (known as the "Farm Act") and its state law counterparts thus it is not subject to regulation, or control, under the Federal Controlled Substances Act. The FDA has not evaluated this product and these statements for safety or efficacy. As with any new product, consult your physician before consuming this product. Do not consume if pregnant or breastfeeding. This hemp-derived product may contain trace amounts of Delta-9 THC in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill. For this reason, use or consumption of this product may result in a failed drug test. The purchaser of this product bears all risk and assumes all liability associated with the use, purchase, and possession of this product.

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